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  1. Creating new sims with the same theme is only watering down roleplay members. Why not chose one of the existing GOT roleplay sims and strive to help make it rich with roleplay? Why make new when we can just look after and improve what we have already got.
  2. Perhaps they are still looking?
  3. It's a shame when people ask where is a good sim to rp on which suits their needs and it can't be answered.
  4. Would you be interested in playing a feral animal on a wild west sim?
  5. Hello! Would you be interested in wild west rp sims?
  6. You're very welcome to come to Amiville and start a family. There happens to be a big house up for rent and there are other children here too, my son included. If you enjoy 1870s wild west Colorado rp then pop on over and if i'm online i will greet you personally. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Colorado/136/76/1527
  7. Here's a site showing many rp sims! https://weloveroleplay.weebly.com/roleplay-sims.html I rp on a wild west sim called Amiville. I was originally on a Japanese sim which was the most wonderful sim but unfortunately it didn't take off. I decided to do some exploring and wasn't that interested in the wild west but to my surprise i'm now hooked! I also rp on a Medieval Scottish sim at Lostridge which is just taking off so it's nice and fresh and plenty of choice or roles and living spaces. I think they allow fantasy animals there.
  8. Hello! Sorry to interrupt but I think you mean Mer-kin. This is a merkin... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merkin
  9. What a lovely idea! I'm up to my neck in rp atm but would love to try it once when i have more time in the future!! I hope you find people. Sounds like a lot of fun. I love surprises.
  10. Sorry having trouble sorting a landmark. If you search for Lostridge it's the top one...just Lostridge. The other places are events and such. I hope this was helpful enough.
  11. Hello! There's a new Scottish Medieval Sim open which is proving popular come check it out on Saturday if you like. There's a festival. Here's the web page so you get an idea about the place. Good luck! https://www.restalrigsl.com/
  12. Howdy everyone! Just curious if there are any roleplayers wishing to become law men/women or private detectives? We have positions available here in Amiville. It's a 1870's wild west Colorado roleplay sim. Other positions are available also. Bank Manager , Bank Tellers, , Detectives, Cattle Rustlers , Saloon Dancers , Photographer , Seamstress, Livery Stables Barber: salon, ranchers:settlers:horses:animals:town drunk: Natives:children:, mine manager ,mine workers, Tainted Rose Hiring , Tipsy Maiden Hiring , bath house.Photographer, Sewing Circle Teacher , Deputies, General Store Manager, Detectives,Natives, kids, Teachers, Livery worker , stage coach rider , tobacconist ranchers, cattle drivers , court clerk , jail clerk, something you want to do? lets us know! If you have a job available please let us know . The link below will bring you to the welcome area. Click my photo on the wall if i'm online and i'll come upstairs to greet you and set you up. I can also mentor you on the Amiville sim after we teleport if you need help settling in. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Colorado/136/76/1527
  13. - One of the recently added sims (Wolf Creek Bend ) will be having a grand opening on March 22 2020. Wolf Creek Bend will have a performer and a music maestro ((DJ)) to celebrate their joining the Colorado territory. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wolf Creek Bend/142/96/34
  14. Come get your laundry done! Next day delivery! Hot bath service is just 2 shilling! Also honey candy on counter for special customer! Amiville is a very special place with a lot of kind people with lots of character. Children and animals are welcome! Watch out for the bison and snakes.
  15. Thank you for sharing, m'am! Yes! Amiville absolutely welcomes child avatars! Please come over and see if y'all like it! The newspaper boy i'm sure will be most happy to meet yas! YEEEHAAAAAW!!!
  16. Please see next page.. i messed up this post and didn't know how to delete it ><, I'm new. Sorry!
  17. Hi! I joined as a foreigner so it didn't matter that i didn't know much about the era or genre, it gave me a chance to learn slowly as i went along, which was one of the most fun parts. Now i run the laundrettes in Amiville and am learning to fit in quite well. If you don't come then you'll not learn. There are mentors here to guide you and the other players are more than helpful to guide newcomers too. Would love to see you pop by. When you get to the welcome area in the sky and need a tag to enter. Click on the japanese lady 'Momoko' picture and if i'm online i'll come greet you myself and help guide you also.
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