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  1. I'm alive and healthy (I'm pretty sure, anyway) so I am good! My whole state is under advised self-quarantine due to our 100+ cases of COVID-19 including about 20 less than 40 minutes away from me. But I've got shelter, food, entertainment, at least at the moment my health so I'm staying positive!
  2. Thank you all for these suggestions and insight on things I hadn't considered before!
  3. You make sense, but I still like the idea of finding a good place with good people to make a moment or two 🙂
  4. @Rhonda HuntressHaha, your response kind of made me laugh. But I guess now, spurred on by your questions, is a good time to tell a bit about myself! Anime is okay. I'm more of a fan of a particular novel that was adapted into an anime than anything. Most anime just isn't my speed. Things that are my speed is reading and video editing. I also really like a ton of music, alternative mostly but am fond of Japanese music, at least the non sugary pop kind. I adore cats and dogs but am more fond of cats and have four. I can't work due to a disability and I live with geriatric father. We take care of each other, though we do have weekly help for things we just cannot do. And I would love to meet up with you guys whenever is convenient! Sounds like it could be fun! @Madelaine McMasters You may call me Rika! And I suppose I understand what you are saying. I really hadn't looked at it that way. I guess putting so much on luck is a big ridiculous. Thank you for the link. I will certainly check it out! I really do appreciate the help.
  5. I rejoined this game after losing my logins from a year ago. It was no big deal really, I had 0 friends on that account too. It seems so many people on SL are confident or either really good at hiding their true feelings. I'm shy naturally, and have a lot of real life stuff going on that puts pressure on me that probably exacerbates that shyness. My real life social life isn't the most expansive so I joined SL in the hopes of helping expanding my contact with people, if only a tiny bit. Each time I was greeted by either being ignored, treated badly, or nicely but only for a bit before they vanished. How am I suppose to make a connection? I really try to get out of my comfort zone and approach people, and know it's just online and they worst they can do is just not respond, but honestly that kind of hurts when it happens over and over again. I don't know where to go to make friends, and most of the places I do travel to either are empty or cliques are already formed and they don't really want some new account trying to intrude on it. I'm sorry if I sound petulant or whiny, it's not my intention though I understand if it comes off that way, it's just suddenly I remember why I left and eventually didn't care to remember my first SL logins to begin with. At the end of the day I know that 50% of making friends is on me. I have to put myself out there, attempt to shake off my sometimes crippling anxiety and just go for it! While I think the other 50% is completely luck - being in the right spot and the right time and finding someone you connect with. I hope this post strengthens my odds. If anyone can help point me in the direction of places I could go to possibly find some nice people, or even if you would like to talk to see if we could become friends it would mean a lot to me.
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