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  1. Then you are now officially our friend! ❤️ Added you in world 😄
  2. I'm a huge PC gamer and lover of cartoons (Bobs Burgers, Steven Universe, Rick and Morty, South Park, etc) I think we'd get along great 😻
  3. My bestfriend and I joined sl to make friends, so far it's been a series of no luck and disappointment. We'd absolutely love to be friends with anyone who's looking.
  4. 21F here. I’ll be your friend 😺
  5. Hello Lovelies! I'm Kitten; my bestfriend and I are looking for friends to hang out with on SL and possibly play video games with as well. Below is a little list of some things that we like, if you have any interest, send me an IM! 😻 • PC GAMING • DISCORD CALLS • D/S LIFESTYLERS • PET PLAY • LOLITA FASHION • KAWAII STUFF • HORROR • ZOMBIES • CATS • BOARD GAMES • MEMES
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