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  1. Hello guys, So... I am thinking about owning a sim because I want to be able to build a huge house on it, have a nice beachview and change windlight settings whenever I want. There's only one problem. I have no idea where to even begin in the process. Is it worth buying SL premium.. AND how do I even get a sim? What is the cost of everything. Thanks for your help in advance.
  2. Thank you to everyone! The problem has been resolved. They fixed everything. ♥
  3. Hi There! So I'm having problems with connecting my flickr to my SL. I tried to follow along with the steps but when I clicked the (connect) button... Nothing happened. The steps mentioned I would have to re-verify my yahoo.. But I never received the pop up or window to do so. Can someone help me? Yours Truly, Princess 🌺
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