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  1. hi Theresa, thank you for your reply. i admit i'm not familiar with technical stuff or skin making (i adore everyone who is and can design pretty skins). however, i wonder, if it is possible to detail noses and even wrinkles around the eyes, detailed nipples and other parts (e.g. even the skin structure of shaved pubic hair), why should it not be possible to set a similar detailed structure of the skin surface of soles and palms. the picture above of the palm shown on studio exposure skin seems quite advanced, only the soles aren't. but i guess, usually there is no demand for details
  2. hello Saskia, thank you so much for your reply. however, it seems S.E. has only appliers, no bom skins, and their palms look quite good, but their soles are not more detailed than others. take care katka
  3. hi folks, i just wonder, if there is a recommendation for a skin that is highly detailed not only regarding head and torso view, but also feet and hands (soles and palms). i usually find skins that have quite pretty details for the head and primary genitals or upper body, but soles and palms are often just blurred or with only little structure. are there skins designed also for barefoot girls with detailed skin structure on soles and palms (as well as on the back of feet and hands)? any hint is appreciated. thanks a lot. katka
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