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  1. Congrats, this definitely is a dream location, so happy for you! And so funny the coincidence, as we were posting about abandons.
  2. I guess concerning what sense it makes to refresh when announcements are made here, both of us meant the same, we just used different words, no? Or did I misunderstand struggling with the foreign language? One thing you mention leaves me confused. If this thread is not meant to tell others when to refresh, why are so many people announcing the release of their homes with sometimes even an exact time or posting that a Linden employee is in an about to be released region? To be honest I don't folllow this thread regularly and not from the beginning. I missed several hundred pages that might
  3. I'm sure it is! Just be persistent and don't give up. My old LH was a style I didn't like. I stayed for 8 years out of resignation cause the Meadowbrooks were sold out during the many months I tried to get one (Isn't that an irony?!!!). In the end I was convinced it was my usual lack of luck. But this time I so fell in love with the Trads and Vics that I just had to try until I get it. By now I can tell, even for the luckless, it is only a matter of persistence and time. Keep trying, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
  4. YES!!! My personal dream locations are with ocean water and no neighbors on two sides and both our garden area between the neighbor at the back and me, so you don't look into each other's faces when you wait for your morning coffee to brew while looking out of the window to check the weather ... I got that with a Traditional and a Victorian and both were abandons. I will never understand why some people generally dismiss abandons and talk about them like they are someone's garbage. Saw that several times in different inworld group chats. Sure, there are houses that aren't located in an ideal
  5. Totally understand your feelings, been there, done that! I love reading up on this thread, but I never use it to know when to click. My PC is a decent one, a gaming PC actually, but I never managed to get hold of a house when a release is announced here, no matter if a single house or a big release. Maybe my internet connection is too slow, no idea. The farthest I get then is to the sorry-page and I really hate that one, lol My advice is, use this thread to know when NOT to click!!! If there is a lot of activity here, better do stuff in RL than trying to get a LH, the competition is too h
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