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  1. I found the issue, digging in a bit I found I was also having problems with my work VPN. I work for a digital workspace monitoring company and used some of our tools to find that I was having issues with network saturation. I called my ISP and they confirmed (after lv 1 support) that yes the signal to my modem was weaker than normal and there is probably a problem with the line.
  2. Hi I been having an issue with constant drops that started two days ago. This has been across 5 computers of various makes and models. The most powerful one a I7 with 32gb and a Nvidia 1070. I also tried various (4) viewers and no luck. The drops usually occur between 2-5 minutes after logging in. Here is what I noticed. On firestorm I watched and actually recorded a session. 1. Packet loss less than .6 % (except the one test where I mobile hot-spotted my phone) 2. Ping to sim Anywhere from 40-70ms depending on the sim 3. SIM FPS 40-50 4. Udp data received. Watching this gives the first indication of a problem. The number drops to 0 kb/s and then I noticed I can't move. Packets in and out still show some level of traffic then packets in drops to zero also. Other things I tried. 1. putting an exception in on virus scan for the viewer and the cache files for the viewer. 2. Rebooted cable Modem and router
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