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  1. Thank you for your responses and clarifications. I'll keep studying and developing my skills. You helped greatly already. I'm using blender 2.90.1 and I'm still getting used to all the functions and hotkeys, but I'll definately watch that! I've learned that you can browse functions with F3 so it shouldn't be a big issue.
  2. So I started to mess around with blender, watched some tutorials on youtube and started building my first ever mesh object. At first I was doing extremely detailed mesh when I realized that maybe SL wouldn't be able to handle too many vertices/faces. So I've been making/deleting over and over without much knowledge on what to aim for when importing it into SL. The project is some kind of bracelet and I'll add more details to it later. To start building it I actually made a cilinder in SL that would fit my avatar, imported it into blender and made it the same size. Now here's some of my qu
  3. Decided to bump this (I know it's been awhile) but I think creating a new post would fit the same purpose. I also would like to state that I use Maitreya Lara Body and I'd love to model for your store, not really charging for pictures, keeping the attire would already be a nice pay. Tips welcome though SL name is Akary (akary.nyoki).
  4. Hi, I have no experience in modeling but I believe my avatar is ready for it. I attached some pictures I've taken myself. If interested please contact me. Thank you!
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