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  1. How I came to SL

    It all started when my Father pensioned himself and took up reading. After reading a Novel by Jonathan Safran Foer he was reminded that there was Another Life, which he briefly tried in 2003 when it was NEW (shortly before I was born). So he created an Account and logged in to SL 3 days after Christmas.

    He saw that technically everything had improved a lot during my lifetime. He spent a week watching, listening and reading before he decided to upgrade his account and get himself a Linden Home.

    Even if my Father has worked more than 40 years in Computer Software Development, I now seem to be the Computer Nerd of our Family, and therefore I got involved at an early stage. He wanted my Mother to join him and I helped him overcome her reluctance. I created her account and chose her avatar. I dressed her and designed her shape including the making of her unique skin, until she actually looked like she did in RL when she was 35. Except that I gave her the long white hair that she wears today and I had to make her almost 30 centimeters taller. She finally gave in and met him in their Linden Home, her own hands on the (much hated) mouse and keyboard.

    My Father never stops half way through, so he kept nudging me. I joined them a month later - Or so we thought.

    Now that Corona has closed my School I have time to write about what happened.

    Starting in SL 2 months ago

    I did not lie about my age and it will be nearly 9 months until I turn 18. The Linden Knowledge Base articles on this subject (Maturity Ratings) are unclear. If I started all over again I would seriously consider lying, as I now have come to believe most young people do. I do not mind being barred from ‘Adult’. I saw most of the ‘things’ with my Mother when preparing her SL. But I am strictly confined to ‘General’ Places and Things because ‘Moderate’ is also forbidden for me. 
    After a number of conversations with ‘old’ Residents I now know that they simply do not understand my problem. They never gave it any thought. They all kindly suggested places I could go and things I could do, not realizing that I would be rejected by all these ‘M’ rated places and activities.
    I still sometimes give the ‘collection of recommended Destinations’ a try. Of the 170 ‘non Adult’ recommendations I can only visit the same 5 or 7 places. All the other attempts give me a light electroshock and a silly message box suggesting I should update my Preferences to gain access. Goes to show me that not even the Lindens realize the problem, since they themselves have made this impossible.
    I sometimes think I must be the only 16/17 year old Resident? I certainly didn't meet any and there is no place to go if you want to. It also seems that all the other replies in this forum come from 'old' Residents - makes me wonder if 'Linden Law for young people' has the effect of cutting off a much needed supply of fresh Resident blood.

    In the time that passed since then my Father bought us a real SL Home. Now I can feel safe teleporting to HOME. A thing I have come to LOVE.

    With this Safe Haven I can have fun with exploring (somewhat limited) and building and landscaping and designing and scripting and soon shall come meshing. 

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  2. I just wish I could visit my parents.

    My Farther resides in a Linden Home. My Mother lives with the fact, that she cannot set this as her Home. She lives there all the same.

    I am 17. That is very different from being 18. I am only permitted to visit 'G' places. I am not allowed to visit my parents because Linden Homes are maturity level 'M'.

    My wish for a new type of Linden Home is: Make a 'G' level type. Or create a new type of group (family) with permissions that supersede the current limitations. I trust my Farther to manage such a group.

    It seems we are an extremely small minority in SL (16/17 years old). Possibly because we are deemed homeless. Or because they all lie about their age when accounts are created.


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