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  1. I saw a wooden cutting board with herbs on it in this store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pure Dreams/132/108/18 They also have hanging dried herbs, potted ones and other nice food/kitchen stuff you might want to check. And yes, your kitchen looks great!
  2. A big thank you to all who put in great ideas and "stair cheats" and info on how to deal with griefers, I really learned a lot! And Nika, I'd looove one of your teleporter scripts. Would be so cool to finally be able to stop banging into walls and rolling around like some drunken pirat. Cheers! 😁🦜
  3. Great idea, thanks! 👍 Until I know how to furnish the house, I will rez a prim upstairs to sit on - if I ever manage to crawl up there ... oh wait ... me cams up to rez a prim, hoping it will not go through the roof like the neighbour's furniture 😂 If you ever come across a house with plywood prims sticking through the upper walls or roof, that was me trying to rez...
  4. Oh, ok! 😲 After all these years, why do I feel like a noob now? 😳 Wish I could use that when trying to get to the upper floor 'cause stairs in SL are killing me e-v-e-r-y s-i-n-g-l-e time. 🙄
  5. Thank you, but no worries about me, I wasn't scared but rather kind of 'huh?' and I shrugged it off. It didn't affect me and I didn't post because of me but because I am wondering if there are people establishing that as a new game for their entertainment. We would only get to know that if we share our experiences. Also, I would only AR (yes, I got their names) were those people the same harassing others too. But if you need help or feel uneasy when attacked on your own parcel please don't hesitate to IM me. If I am online I would immediately come. Not that I could do much, but having another witness and company might be good in case things escalate. And I'm really sorry that you have to deal with that! Yes, that happens. Actually to a friend 2 days ago and he was mighty embarrassed when he landed in a house. Luckily nobody was at home and I guess he will have a real good look at the map next time. lol But in granny's case it really doesn't seem like an accident considering the whole history of it.
  6. I do. 😳 And every time I try to come up with something witty, I get distracted (probably because it takes too long) and then I forget. Guess it will be iowhgwui forever 🙄
  7. When hunting for a house at the seashore I had a Victorian inland for a few days about a week ago. I didn't furnish it because I wanted to let it go again. So I just stood in the entry hall and was in another window searching marketplace. When I changed back to SL there was a guy standing in front of my door staring at me and another one was next to him and suddenly inside the house. I had the door set to owner and that guy just went through the wall. While I was still debating with myself what to say in local chat, he started running at me and pushing me around. I used right click eject and ban. The guy in front of the door soon after that left. I then saw them on the mini map not far away but I didn't cam on them. Reading all of the above and remembering griefers being mentioned in another thread I am wondering ... 1. How did that guy manage to get into a Victorian where you can't t TP into by clicking onto the floor? 2. Is that a group who has fun griefing in Bellisseria? 3. Do we encourage them when we abandon the house/property? And is that actually what they are trying to achieve? I should have ARed them, at least the guy who pushed me. I didn't because I just thought 'oh well' at the time. Could I still do that after a week or a bit more passed?
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