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  1. I apologize for making it appear as if the entire post was directed at you, Nika. That was not my intent, for the record you did remove her name from the original post and I do appreciate that. I personally spoke to any/all of the individuals that harassed her in-world. I will continue to defend my Mother going forward because she is no different then anyone else who plays GOH. She is not some home hogging monster woman that has a bazillion alts with 10 key boards all clicking at once in order to take an entire region!! Please spare me. I don't have any plans to get any more specific but I had
  2. I have never seen anyone called out personally like that before on this thread. It was really pathetic and she was IM'd and harassed for days afterward. I appreciate that you removed her personal information from Wednesday's posts, however today you re-opened the incident with that snarky comment. To go as far as to check each parcel of the region released today... that's going a little far, don't you think? Then you post your findings on here? A public space for more people to harass her? It's terrible. By the way, she did not get 1/3 of the region that you claimed she did, that is defamatory
  3. Hello all, I have an honest question. I've been watching this thread for quite some time now and I have noticed some very interesting hypocrisy going on. Some of you are very honest with the GOH game you all play and some of you are not. To call out a specific person that plays the same game (GOH) as all of you have for months and months is laughable to me. I guess it's a game only a few "special" people can play. Linden Labs makes plenty of money off of "the decorator" and rightfully so. Is her money not as good as your money? I find this post disrespectful and disparaging, no one deserves to
  4. omg - this is what happens to me all the time!!!!! I stand outside and do landmarks. Hmmmm
  5. Releasing a really unique Vic in Collins at 7:30 SLT - I can't keep everything. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Collins/79/176/33
  6. I am going to release this Vic in Mountebank at 5:45 SLT http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mountebank/140/137/53 It's a very pretty lot!
  7. So many people have been sitting down there all day!!! I hope LL sees them all, there may be a riot if no release!
  8. I was clicking and missed it!! I never saw one vic - all condos ugh
  9. I have been clicking on and off for the last 3 hours. Wow that went fast
  10. I have a friend that is getting to release a Trad (on the water) and a couple Vics - she will post them here.
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