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  1. You know relationships are similar to investments, it might not be worth the effort when someone else doesn't contribute a similar amount. That might sound harsh, but even on a dating service you are asked to provide more info then what you have to show for. I mean the only thing i got in my profile is a quote, and that seems enough for most to say hi! but I am rooting for you!
  2. Steel or a leather one? Just wondering! 😗 I sure hope the two of will have a wonderful time together!
  3. Most important thing is that you remain honest towards the people who actually care about you, the deceit some people play with is what gives this subject a poor reputation. I met many who turned out to be men, even a few men who turned out to be women. I don't really question their reasoning, I just appreciate their honesty. Besides I am far too curious to reject people who do, it's more enjoyable to hear them out!
  4. a little late maybe, but good luck, but I'd advice you to be as assertive as possible. I mean fortunately there are plenty of guys who are loners in sl, although am not sure if they fit your criteria one on one. To find a real catch you need to stand out a bit!
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