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  1. I would like to apologise for my response. It was very out of character. Currently sleep deprived and grouchy with having a young baby. I have seen that I have a lot of work to do now and have found some exciting avenues working with catwa heads and other types of skins. I'm really looking forward to spending some time playing around with things. On a side note I've found really cool clothing vendors but a lot seem to only accommodate for, correct me if I am wrong, jake body's and some signature ones? Would it be wise to leave behind my current avatar for the sake of finding many more options? Sorry once again lol Got a nice 6 hour sleep last night and feel alive again.
  2. Thank you so much for the enlightening opinions Karen's. I will be sure to file them away in my special, "opinions that really really matter", filing cabinet. do you know the term "Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one but they think each others stink." But thanks for sharing it! Means a lot. Personally i think grey socks are scruffy. Try white. Thanks for the free bumps, This forum post is bully approved! Go me.
  3. Attractive Aesthetic Male Seeking Employment. Can confirm Male Voice. What work have you got for me? Idm club work/adult. Rocco
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