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  1. Thanks everyone! You are all very much awesome ❤️
  2. I'm uncomfortable as a typical-looking male but also after spending some months as a woman (in my alt), which I loved, I've come to the point where I want to be more honest about things. The thing is I hate being in a masculine body. I don't want to be hairy or muscular. I want a waist and hips and nice smooth curvy legs, and I want the option to wear women's high heel shoes. So... I have the Maitreya Lara body and I got the flat chest add-on. But now my mesh head doesn't fit it at all. It looks like this (attached)... The neck size options in the Maitreya Hud don't fix it Increasing the neck thickness in body shape doesn't fix it because it also increases the thickness of the neck size of the head part. Three questions... Do I have any options for male-identifying mesh heads that would fit with a female-typical mesh body? * Where can I buy a skin for Lara Flat? My skin is a male skin, but the nipples don't line up to the Lara Flat nipples Where might I find clothes that would fit a Lara Flat body? (either male or female-typical clothes, I want some of each) (* I am only interested in mesh body parts, graphics realism is of the utmost importance for my purposes. But I totally respect the system heads / bodies community, it's horses for courses.) I wonder whether I will need to get a "female" head and then adjust the shape to make it more masculine. This is acceptable. But the skin and clothes questions still stand if this is the case. I’m not really looking for your typical "femboy" look, I'm a cishet guy who would like a woman's waist, hips and legs but with a flat chest. Is that complicated? (LOL maybe) Any advice most welcome, thanks!
  3. Aha.... thank you. So it's a viewer thing, trying to smooth things I suppose.
  4. This compact method is great and works nicely for toggling a door open / closed with alternate touches. One thing I don't understand: llSetLocalRot appears to animate the hinge motion but I can't see any parameters associated with the time it takes to reach the final angle. I know there are keyframe-based methods to get more control over the animation – I’m not asking about that. I just want to understand this method specifically. Is there something about llSetLocalRot, or [the variable called here] gRotSwing (returned bv llEuler2Rot) that determines that it should animate? Or does llSetLocalRot simply rotate objects at some hard-coded rate that cannot be changed?
  5. I am designing a landscape. There will be no sculpts, only landscaping + mesh objects. The thrust of my post was to ascertain whether there is any advantage to me using 10 instances of the same 3LI tree vs. using 10 different 3LI trees (for example). To simplify the question let's say they all use the same single texture map. So it's good to know those mesh models will at least only be downloaded once from the CDN, which tells me network lag at least will be improved using 10 instances of the same tree.
  6. They do when you click something and it doesn't execute for 60 seconds. But yes of course it is server-side lag, I know that. It all impacts on the experience.
  7. Well it seems it’s a matter under some dispute! It would seem rather illogical to load identical mesh model data from the server twice for the same user in the same session. Of course avatar complexity (and avatar script load too.... Grr @ fashion makers with no "delete scripts" button in the supplied HUD) is a major perf. issue but a slightly separate topic that I am not asking about. Even with no other avatars in a region some nicely designed landscapes can take minutes to load even with draw distance down at 32 metres.
  8. I knew that was the case with textures (visibly you can see all copies of a texture load at once) but wasn't sure about mesh, so thank you that is great to know. I am planning a build and I care more about its real performance for visitors than about fitting as much as I can into the numerical LI limit which I can pay more to increase.
  9. If I create a mesh object that has a land impact of say 5 and rez it in world, and then I duplicate that object does everyone’s viewer have to load that object twice as if they are two different objects? Or does Second Life recognise that they are the same mesh object and just to load multiple instances of it? (albeit possibly with different positions, transformations, orientation etc) It seems like it does not use instances because the overall LI goes up with copies of an object. But surely this is inefficient as it's quite likely I might want to have 10 copies of the same tree for example.
  10. Presumably if the LL viewer runs through Rosette on M1 then Firestorm will too. Anyone tried it?
  11. Time will tell. It’s a bold pivot but one that seems logical in a world that is essentially mobile (and dominated by ARM architecture). But yes undoubtedly some bumps along the road. I guess it’s not a move squarely aimed at gamers (+virtual world residents) though so... yeah. I love Macs but considering getting a gaming PC for SL purposes. The new Firestorm runs like a dog on my 2017 Intel MacBook pro (way worse than FS6.3).
  12. Curious about this feature. Is it possible to preview the voice morphing before committing to it? The viewer says "preview voice morphing" and you can make a recording but there are no voices in the list to preview. Is the Preview tool not for non-premium members who might be considering upgrading to premium in order to use this? Also after I click "Thank you for subscribing to Second Life Voice Morphing! Click [link] to activate the new voice morphs in your viewer." nothing happens. Just seems to not work at all 🤷‍♂️
  13. Thanks for your advice. This quotes my original message since which I’ve moved on a lot as explained in later comments. I am mostly modelling in Blender now as mentioned above. Thanks.
  14. I was more asking for advice than suggesting. I didn’t at the time know what the best approach was with regard to joining meshes or not. But now I understand the three factors: Download, physics, and server cost it is very clear. I have never tried exporting prims from Blender, maybe I explained it badly. I didn’t even know you could do that and I certainly don’t want to. Everything is mesh. FWIW I have some items constructed in SL that are something like 9 LI made out of prims (way to high for their given purpose), and reimported as a single joined mesh (or 2 parts in some cases where I need to control one part separately) I have got them all down to 1LI and they look great, and from all distances too (they are all around 10cm across or less). SL is really my sketching area just for trying stuff out, and what I take into Blender is a starting point. And I’m starting to use the modelling tools in Blender too (the learning curve is pretty steep).
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