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  1. Happy 2nd Anniversary even to those that are just now seen by the Bellisseria Slenderman...
  2. When riding the 8 Page Bellisseria Slenderman rollercoaster... there is always a possibility... You wont be riding it alone...
  3. On the fifteenth of April in the year of 2021 Bellisseria turns 2 years old... And on that day... Bellisseria Slenderman sees Patch Linden... AGAIN!!!
  4. How evil is the Bellisseria Slenderman? He went to hell and stole the souls that Lucifer stole... And ate them...
  5. That moment when you realize... Bellisseria Slenderman just took your soul...
  6. For ONE NIGHT ONLY... Mouse Mysterious presents... Along with the Bellisserian Bohemian Queer Club... A BBQ... With DJ Devin... 7:00 PM... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bachman/199/11/3012 HELL... (Come dressed EVIL)
  7. Bellisseria Slenderman Stew: Ingredients: 1) Crab 2) Sausage 3) Corn 4) Potatos 5) Actual Bellisserians
  8. EVIL Chicken... MORE powerful than the... Easter Bunny...
  9. When throwing a pool party... There is a chance that your party may be crashed... By the Bellisseria Slenderman... And his EVIL Chicken!!!
  10. As your new Slumlord... Bellisseria Slenderman will have the ability to make you his personal driver at any moment of the day!!!
  11. Bellisseria Slenderman as the new Slumlord gives Abnor Mole new intructions for the apartment complexes... NO MESH!!! Only Basic PRIMS and Sculpties... LOTS and LOTS of SCULPTIES!!!!
  12. Touring his new low rent apartment complexes now with Dion Mole!!! Dion has been instructed to avoid all complaints of leaky faucets and broken AC... You're WELCOME
  13. ***BREAKING NEWS*** Today marks a NEW day in Linden Homes... A very high level decision has been made TODAY to replace ALL Linden homes themes with ONE exceptionally well done theme... No more Trads, Houseboats, Vics, Campers, Logs, Stilts or Chalets... Starting TOMORROW all homes will be replaced with these very large randomly assigned apartments!!! Furthermore... You have all been assigned a property manager who will make sure that everything is done in a NICE and EVIL way... Meet your new Slumlord... Bellisseria Slenderman... and welcome to Bellisser
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