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  1. So There is this problem with Firestorm and i don't know what it is or why it keep happening and it's starting to drive me crazy! Recently i Made Friends with someone on Second life and well the thing is they go afk alot. But that's not the Problem. When i send them a message as soon as i send it it comes up with [12:20] Second Life: (Name here) is offline. [12:20] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later. And it comes up with that as soon as i hit enter. IT dose not do it to anybody else or any of my friends except her. It Drives me crazy if there is a way to fix this let me know. i think it's a glitch.
  2. My Master hud is stuck to CAtwa Head Skell...Can someone help me ?
  3. Hey thank you i did. Now they said they send me a refund. I like to know how long it would take for it to go back into my account ?
  4. I Will Rarely Use this form but i am bit skeptical now on Linden Lab Part. May be my bank may not be my bank. I Had just bought 16,000 Linden Yesterday for $68.16 and every time it failed it somehow didn't get charged so i went on another website to test and to make sure it wasn't broken and it worked on that website. Linden Lab's Has Charged me the 68.16 Yet i never received the linden!. What is the best course of action i can take for right now. Things to note: 1. It's Said as (Pending)LINDENLABRESARCH 2. "There is something wrong with this purchase" Is what it said 3. It worked find on a Website Called Steam where i bought a game for 0.54 Cents and it gave it to me automatically and is charged as shown as pending.
  5. So i been using firestorm and when i went to a new place this happen to me. So i try going back which did not work SO HELP ME PLEASE
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