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  1. Hello all. Would anyone be so kind as to recommend drapes of the Victorian kind please? The parlour is in dire need of some to fit at the windows as well as some to hang over the entrance to the parlour and study.
  2. Thank you all ever so much. I now see the difficulty in not being able to hide parts of an outfit that was not designed to do so, or arms that do not allow you to hide all but the hands
  3. Hello all. Would anyone be so kind as to recommend some suitably steampunk stores where I can find the clockwork/mechanical/manikin arms and body parts for Mrs Hudson? I have seen the contraptioN ones and also at Wicca's Originals https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Wiccas-Originals-Eagleden-Arms-female-ADD/18682727 I would like to pick up more demos and visit more stores before investing
  4. I have a decently powerful PC and am having no difficulty running both at max setting
  5. Mrs Hudson is now in place as head of household. She has already brought much needed order to the house, a gentleman without a house keeper is in a perpetual state of chaos, as one would expect. Now there is a semblance of order within my home, I would like to equip her with the very best body modifications to assist in her work. Would anyone be so kind as to recommend some steampunk or Victorian stores that sell high quality body mods? I am especially interested in the marvellous mechanical and manikin like body parts I have seen on the forums
  6. The vegetables and herbs have really added some needed ambience to the kitchen. Now I can concentrate on my research while Mrs Hudson takes charge of running the house All that is needed now are a few wall hangings to give it the final touch
  7. Many thanks my friends, I was struggling to understand what was going on
  8. Hello all. How does scaling of your avatar work? Mr Hudson is set to over 6 feet tall yet she looks tiny in the house compared to the furniture and other items. Do people usually set their AV much taller than in real world?
  9. Thank you both so much Ill give her the keys to the servants entrance tomorrow
  10. You were so right! The herbs and especially the vegetables are the best I have seen I accidentally bought the fatpack
  11. Hello all I have created a club so I can give her the role of officer but cant work out how to move her from member to officer. How do I achieve this? Also, I made the mistake of shopping for clothes demos with her and accidentally purchased herbs and vegetable fatpac How do I give her permission to place the items in my home?
  12. For skin I want something with an aged look. Skin fair is not available, I think its packed
  13. You are too kind I am very inspired by so many marvellous creations I have seen Now I want to make it into a meat pie. Any tips on how to make a pie crust are most welcome
  14. Many thanks again What are my best options for a widely supported mesh female body and head? I would like to make use of all the cool Victorian clothing & Steampunk attachments, especially ContraptioN, Hotdog items.
  15. Many thanks Skell. I managed to get an alpha that came close but a small part of the neck is still visible. On a good note I found a free dress that will do for shopping for demos
  16. Many thanks. She has entered the draw Are any of the starter AV's mesh?
  17. Mrs Hudson has now arrived at the house She went shopping for demos but is having some difficulty with body parts popping through the clothing. I remember I had a hud when I purchased skin and shape for myself. It allowed me to hide problem body parts. Is it possible to do this with Gretchen AV?
  18. Many thanks I followed your example and came up with this
  19. Ah, I may have to call on your advice on how to dress a Victorian lady I think the dress will be a good base to build on
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