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  1. My FPS is usually btw 40-60fps, but falls down to 10-20fps in crowded areas. Which I assume is not too far away from normal. But I'm curious what FPS other people get while they are around 10 or more residents
  2. it doesn't happen to me in singularity viewer eg, but it does happen for me in firestorm and cool VL
  3. if you hold down the forward button, you do not stop moving and have to repress it? this isn't about lag, like my avi comes to a full stop every 5 seconds on multiple viewers
  4. The linden labs SL viewer is fine but voice chat doesn't work Firestorm works great and voice chat works but the avatar makes a full stop and I have to press forward again every 5 seconds (not lag or low FPS, anyone know how to fix this??) Cool VL works great but voice doesn't work and also has the stuck-every-5-seconds avatar issue anyone use ubuntu 18.04 and can give a list of packages to install for voice-chat, no glitches, and a good viewer? thanks!
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