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  1. The thing is, many don't read rules or covenants so really are ignorant of something they should be aware isn't allowed. Of course that doesn't make it right, but it also means that malicious intent wasn't behind every muck up. I message the person before I AR them. Some with orb issues don't know how to set up an orb properly so I offer my help, point out the LL orb (which is the most awesome thing ever because of how low LI, effective and easy it is to use) and gently suggest they read the Convenant in Belli. If this doesn't work, I AR the issue. Sometimes someone just needs some help
  2. Photo taken out in our front garden in Belli. Felice's First Day of School. Whether going to a private, public or schooled at home like our baby Felice, it is such a big special day for both parents and child.
  3. This is an absolutely beautiful signing in ASL of Fireflies by Owl City. They did a wonderful job. ❤️
  4. Bellisseria is such a constant joy for our entire family. We love the beauty surrounding us anywhere we go. We love the many places to explore and the endless things we can all do as a family. We love the open waters and peaceful waves. We love being part of beautiful neighborhoods and so proud to be part of an incredible community. Mostly, my favorite part of Bellisseria is the peace I've found in our two family homes. I feel safe and relaxed. I'm simply happier because I get moments like below where I'm reminded every moment of everyday why I love being a wife and mummy! ❤️ That is pric
  5. Thank you for pointing that out. So many have an aversion to child avis (which of course is completely acceptable if that is how they feel). Some take it to a ridiculous level though and don't even think before they overreact in situations to the point where they even hit the AR option without reason. It really is just a matter of using common sense.
  6. I've never seen or heard of it. It does look like they are enjoying themselves a lot.
  7. Our eldest baby Felice discovered butterflies out around home today in Belli saying they are new friends. Who am I to argue with such pleasant logic?
  8. Thank you! That makes sense. I've never heard of this so wanted to be sure since I do like to make sure I'm following the rules.
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