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  1. Hubby and I celebrated an important milestone in our lives as a couple and since we couldn't celebrate together in RL due to the pandemic, we decided to have a quiet celebration in SL. This photo was taken in Bellisseria at our houseboat. It was an incredible day and although such a simple photo, one that means so much to me so wanted to share. ❤️
  2. There are only a total of four people I've ever considered meeting in RL from SL. One is my hubby (who I'm moving to the UK to be with), and the other three are my bestfriends and SL sisters. They are my loved ones in both worlds so it was never strange for me. They are the same people in both worlds. I'm pretty boring because I made my avi look like the rl me. Hubby said it wasn't a tough transition because I'm a tiny squeaky blonde in both worlds. I'm deaf and cannot hear my own voice, but apparently, I have a squeaky high pitched one. Of course hubby and sisters are the only ones I would be even willing to speak with on Skype. I just see a person's avi as an extension of their real life self so I guess it saves a lot of weird awkwardness arising.
  3. One of my favorite songs my Dad used to play for me when I was scared or worried...
  4. Had a wonderful morning with hubby on our boathouse in Belli before taking our baby girl Wednesday out in her new stroller.
  5. I tend to be really picky and somewhat of a minimalist so I will only demo items I'm pretty sure about to begin with. Usually the item will get purchased unless it's really flawed. It really doesn't happen often though because I prefer having a small wardrobe of quality items I love than a closet full of things I won't even wear. I become very content with my belongings and won't really shop unless it's for family or friends most of the time. Unless I find something I really love!
  6. I'm an Advocate personslity. Mind This trait determines how we interact with our environment. 8% 92% EXTRAVERTED INTROVERTED Energy This trait shows where we direct our mental energy. 83% 17% INTUITIVE OBSERVANT Nature This trait determines how we make decisions and cope with emotions. 18% 82% THINKING FEELING Tactics This trait reflects our approach to work, planning and decision-making. 71% 29% JUDGING PROSPECTING Identity This trait underpins all others, showing how confident we are in our abilities and decisions. 18% 82% ASSERTIVE TURBULENT
  7. Tiny fairy, dance those cares away...
  8. This was so beautifully and may I say perfectly said! No one is perfect. The one incredibly blessed and beautiful part about these forums is the diversity of culture that comes together. We all have something to contribute in some way or other. Even if it is just to be an observer or reader of thoughts, feelings and opinions being expressed here. To the OP: For the most part no one here is uncivil. Being blunt is different than not being civil. It's funny how hard it can be to admit something about ourselves that may ruffle our own feathers. I will admit something about me though. There have been times in the past I've taken something personally from what is said here. It will upset me. I'm not perfect. I try to live my life humbly, but goodness I know I'm not perfect. Far...far from it! When I find myself taking things a bit too seriously here, I will take a break from the forums. I come back and reread what was said with new perspective that way. One thing I will never allow myself do is feed into toxicity. I will pull myself out of a conversation if it takes that turn for my own well being. Did I find some of the things you've said insulting since I'm disabled in rl? Yes, I have. I know it is best to just let it go though. Why I force myself to do these things is because I'm very imperfect and human. I just know when enough is enough for me personally. I wouldn't call the people here uncivil, just bluntly honest. There is a huge difference. I will take their truthful bluntness any day over accusations and insults. This is a generalized statement by the way. My own perspective. Sometimes you have to learn to let things go and it seems you have a really hard time doing that.
  9. I came to these forums because I've always been a seeker of knowledge and avid reader. Forums are a wonderful resource full of helpful and useful information if one makes the effort to look. I remained as an avid reader out of interest. I sometimes comment because I feel compelled to when I can contribute something or I've really enjoyed something someone has posted. That is it really.
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