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  1. This was easier than listing the several dozens + services that were down due to cloudfare, or attempting to explain what was going on with them.
  2. A number of services (not just SL) are down, likely because cloudfare is down. https://downdetector.com https://www.cloudflarestatus.com/ Enjoy some time off.
  3. It's not just SL. https://downdetector.com Everything is down.
  4. Figured out what it was. I had 9 materials 😲. SL was excluding one and randomly selecting a material to assign. The non-LOD didn't give errors, it just assigned the wrong material to a group of faces, but the LOD failed because it randomly selected a different material I guess. This is one of the more complicated pieces I have made in SL and was unaware that the number of materials was limited to 8. thought it was a little higher. Hopefully my mistake helps someone else with this. So.... No more than 8 materials LODs have to have the same number of materials Material
  5. @Emeline Thibedeau This is what has been working for me so far. I'm still playing with the numbers. @Crim Mip I got the mouse primarily for 3D work, not so much SL so I kept the driver. Still works fine. How the control modes work: There are three columns, Avatar, Build and Flycam. I didn't mess with the mouse in build. X/Y/Z Scale sets the sensitivity for Transform Avatar (X=Left/Right, Y=Fly/Crouch, Z=Forward, Backward) Flycam (X=Left/Right, Y=Fly/Land, Z=Forward, Backward) Pitch/Yaw/Roll Scale sets the sensitivity for Rotation. Avatar (Pitch=Look Up/Down, Y=Turn L
  6. Having this issue now for the first time. My LODs have exactly the same name and number of materials. The LODs were duplicates of the high poly and decimated. I have double, triple and quadruple checked. Not sure what this things issue is.
  7. How are you testing the scale of something on display? Most of the time they are just an image, or a smashed down render and nowhere near the size of the actual product. Non clothing items might be the only exceptions. The only real way to test is to get a demo.
  8. Just right click the item in area search and zoom to it. No need to walk or teleport.
  9. I'm waiting for someone to make a store where the landing point is a cattle pen. All the products are in a field on the other side of the fence. No jumping no flying. Moo 🐄
  10. Just had my Spacemouse delivered today, was all over the net trying to figure out how to set it up for SL. I found a lot of outdated information as well as long winded technical jargon that the average person would fall out of their chair reading. I will share what worked for me, step by step and hope it helps others in the future. Plug in your device to USB (wired or wireless, plug it in). Install the latest drivers from 3DConnexion. Reboot your PC. Search windows for 3DConnexion Home and open the software. Click on Training and go through setup/training after th
  11. Having the same issue. Have tried stop/start pc/router, multiple viewers, secondary account, reinstalling the viewer, dns flush.
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