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  1. So is it not okay to make a comment or ask a question on an old thread? I'm absolutely new to this forum as of this moment...Ty for your answer by the way. 🌞
  2. So I have the quarter Sim on the mainland ...I've had the property for a week and now I'm terrified that I don't know how to pay the tier. Can someone please help me?
  3. I wasn't absolutely sure I was just hoping I was right for the sake of the person who was asking the question. 👍
  4. Not sure what the message about bumping is?
  5. This is actually a topic I am concerned about at the moment. I purchased some mainland ,1/4 sim, and I have three stores and three townhouses I want to rent out. I don't know how to divide it up so that each store in each house has a certain number of prims to use. In fact that's going to really hold me back until I learn how to do it as I'm trying to move along to put it up for rent shortly like in the next two weeks. If anyone can describe the process in great detail as I am a bit of a technical idiot I would be so grateful. As they are row townhouses they are pretty close together as a
  6. So why don't you go to your land settings and take it off as not allowing people to contact you from other parcels it's really easy.. I think?
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