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  1. I was unaware that social interactions were limited by such a thing as skin colour - what a curious notion indeed.
  2. Sadly age does matter - especially when you state that you want something more than just a friendship but a boyfriend. That ventures into the turbulent area of entrapment and many other things - even if you do not hop on any pose balls or start counting which base you get to. You need to ask yourself do you wish to RP as a child and therefore accept the rules that a child in SL must adhere to - i.e. be childlike and not venture into even boyfriend territory or do you want more? Do you want to bond with someone else, to spend time with them and get closer? If so then I'd suggest you age yo
  3. I got a shape included with my mesh body, another with my mesh head and yet another with my skin. All I did was sort of combine the three into one and I ended up with a well proportioned look. However I am sure there are many out there who just do not want to do through all the bother of adjusting the sliders (and there are a lot of them). Maybe they want a certain look and in that case the shapes that come with style cards are ideal. No harm if you want to pay for the convenience.
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