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  1. I would like some white free standing book type shelves with stuff already on the shelf. I like dust bunny, half deer, apple falls type style. Can anyone tell me about where to locate some white shelves?
  2. I have the free body from legacy... Its the classic legacy tmp one. For anyone interested... To remove a tattoo that was used with a legacy applier: - go to the tab called STYLE - at the bottom of the STYLE window there is a small ERASER - press the small ERASER icon and a small word that says TATTOO will pop up. - press tab that says TATTOO and tattoo put on with legacy applier will be removed.
  3. i figured out it was a button on the bom hud by the hairbases that can be hidden or not. the problem is actually the hud is so small. and the writing on the buttons is even smaller. i could not see it. but now its fixed.
  4. I checked again... I switched my head to BOM. i don't have any alphas on. With the AK head im using the head BOM HUD and i am only using the HAIRBASE from the head BOM HUD. thats all i got on right now. nothing else.
  5. I'm trying to figure out why my entire back of my head is not there. It seemed at first there was a volume issue with the hairbase which is tried to fix in the BROWS section under APPEARANCE. but now the entire back of the head is not there. head base not there. any suggestions?
  6. if i remember right... the customer service rep of Genus made an official statement saying there is a difference between the free Genus head and the one that was for sale in store. I don't recall what the customer service rep said the difference was.
  7. I agree with LyricalBookworm about the 'entitlement'... i feel that is the word i was looking for earlier. And I do agree the Genus free head is a beautiful head and I'm using it as my main one as of now. I also agree with kiramanell no company should feel obligated to give free product away. I recall a person pushing very hard in the group chat about why a specific head company has not given a free head away. Not every company wishes to give one away and they totally do not have to ever.
  8. I do agree with u. I think the reason I even wrote this post is because the way some people act at times when wanting free product can be quite aggressive. Its all been quite eye opening from the demanding, to the working into a rant if they can't get on a sim for a free product, pushing to know exactly when free heads for example will be available again. And even yesterday and individual threw a fit about a hud for a free head not working in their opinion. And when the mod tried to be patient and assist the customer he was unwilling to listen, was snappy and rude.
  9. Cindy Evanier I honestly didn't know if i should add it to that thread. ooo well
  10. I don't even know how to begin this. So, I will just throw it out there. I've noticed a many people on sl sliding into group chats. And these people will start kinda demanding free stuff. These people will push the customer service, designers, etc in these chats to provide free things, why can't they provide free gifts, when can they provide free gifts. And these people will state things like, 'Genus provided a free head so why can't u?' Or, 'Legacy is giving away a free body so why can't this XYZ company give away a free body also? They need to give one because I don't have any money. Someone give me money or make them give me a free head/ body.' The chats will be flooded with these comments. This is my thing: I do grab free stuff if i like it. I for example never had a Genus head before the free one. I got it, used it and I do like it. BUT I realize and understand people are running a business. I AM going to go back to Genus and grab a babyface head when they open back up. Another words Genus provided me with a free one. And because its a good company and I like the product I will go a purchase something from them when they open again. Does not matter if its on sale or not, I'm getting one. It just rubs me the wrong way to get free stuff from anywhere and there is a segment of people who tend to demand more free stuff. Then those same people will not help support the business by actually making a purchase. I have a little more tolerance for people 'demanding' free stuff if they are going to do something to help the company like make a youtube video, post pics on flicker or facebook, etc. Rant over
  11. I have the free classic body offered by legacy. And i have found I like the fit of TMP shoes best. But, I'm not finding a lot out there. Does anyone have any favorites I should look for?
  12. Sorry if this has been asked already... I am now today using the LEGACY CLASSIC FREE body they are giving away free. I'm using BOM on entire body. I have 2 questions. 1. Is there a free or cheaper BOM skin that will fit this free body and bom GENUS head? 2. I'm using a BOM skin right now I love. Its perfect. But... Didn't I hear that is a fix for the BOM skin on the fingers and toes? The fingers and toes are white. Thank you u all ahead of time. Be safe
  13. I'm doing an avi challenge... Trying to make a hot avi for less than $75L... I'm taking my time with it, researching, etc... I have been using the ECURVY body which i happen to like. But finding clothing for it has been NOT easy. I do have a little wardrobe building up. But, still... NOT easy. This is my question... Does anyone know for sure if its easier to find clothing for the Ebody (the ebody that is NOT ECURVY). I'm planning to go back and buy the EBODY normal i think its called. Either way its not the ECURVY because I already have that one. If anyone can tell me what clothing specifically you have found to fit the NON EBODY CURVY body please let me know either stores inworld or specific links in mp. Please note... I'm looking for more specific information than 'just look on mp.' Thank you ahead of time for everyones help. I really appreciate it.
  14. hello Fritigern... I would not mind showing you. But right now I'm on a project. Its on the group gift wall downstairs.
  15. The LAQ skin is nice also coming with all tones included free. smile
  16. Matty... so sweet of you... I wanted to post some pics here so you can see what I look like as of now. I'm also sending you a link to my flicker so you can see updates on clothing items basically free for this avi challenge. ty again.. it was a surprise and very sweet of you to purchase an item for me. hugs. notes... this is the SAHARA head $30L, a free LAQ BOM skin group gift, bathing suit, hair, necklace and shoes all free. Money spent so far... $30L. The ecurvy body was $1L but that amount did get refunded after purchase from EBODY store inworld. BOM LAQ skin does work on classic head.
  17. wow... very nice looking. i will for sure get it... can u tell me which head u actually ended up with?
  18. yes correct... I did see it was bom... I'm not huge on wearing makeup... sometimes i like to if it enhances the head i for sure would do so. this my be my excuse to figure bom out now. smile
  19. thank you everyone for your ideas... I'm still searching around. The genus lab has several heads for a $100L group fee. Its a good deal. But, I'm a firm believer that adding pixie ears to the classic head makes a huge difference in my opinion. This is why making an avi under $75L is a challenge i guess. I may change a couple classic heads to see if i find one i like best. thanks again everyone for your help.
  20. Thank you! totally going to try one of the ones u found. smile
  21. I'm trying very hard to make an avi for less than $75L... I thought it looked pretty good. But then... My friend started making fun of my classic head. I'm using the ecurvy body which i'm content with. I wish to stick with the ecurvy body because I've been working very hard and getting clothing items to fit it. I don't want to start all over again. I'm happy with the body. But I've been having issues finding a decent (not great or fantastic) head for less than $75L. Can anyone recommend a mesh head that is less than $75L? It does NOT have to be bento... A static head is totally fine. If you find something on MP can you give me the actual link? ty Please... I'm looking for specific advise on mesh heads under $75L. Please do not say 'look on MP' period.
  22. Hi Everyone... I am working hard on an SL challenge for building an AVI under $75L... I know... I know... crazy... I'm really trying to take my time with it and really trying to find whats out there in SL inworld and on MP. I'm posting my updates on flicker for now and will be making some utube videos soon about the experience. THE GOAL... is the make the best looking AVI possible under $75L... i really want to make something usable with a the following: 1. casual outfit 2. one short dress. 3. one formal outfit. 4. one beach suit. But... I'm getting frustrated... With the clothing for ECURVY because I'm trying so hard to keep the price down.. Can anyone tell me if you can recommend any FREE or cheaper nice denium skirts or shorts? I'm also looking for a cheaper fatpack of anything like sweaters, tank tops, tshirts... Again... cheap... very cheap or free please. As you may know... Because the body is free I can't use allpha layers to make clothing look better. And most clothes I find for ECURVY are not resizeable. Even though I found these I'm still having some issues finding what I need for casual wear... Here are the places I found that had a few ECURVY clothing items... As a side note... Most mesh clothing does not work on the ECURVY body because it does not seem to wrap around the entire body. I don't know why this is. But, the only clothing that seems to fit the ECURVY body by EBODY correctly is clothing labeled for ECURVY body specifically. I have found a large amount of shoes for body. - KATHEENS - FREE DOVE... one dress only for ECURVY - QUEENZ Thank you all for any help on this project.
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