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  1. I know there are people out there more familiar than myself with this stuff. What are your 3 top choices for male hoof legs when you want good quality? I do not want hoof legs to come higher than mid upper thigh. Body... Legacy male athletic.
  2. If I derender/ blacklist a person on second life... Can that person still see my name on sims on the 'nearby' tab? Or... Is that person unable to see me no matter what?
  3. About 2 years ago i grabbed some very low prim, free Christmas trees at a store I cannot remember the name of. The trees were deleted a long time ago. I've decided i wish to get them again if possible. It was a very old store, they were giving about 7 styles of free xmas trees away in different colors/ sizes. The trees had not lights or moving parts on them. They looked like a piece of folded paper..,. Meaning the trees were not round. I've added a image of what the trees looked like from the top. If anyone has an idea where i can find trees like this let me know. I'm actively looking.
  4. Other than gatchas which I do like. What are some of your favorite well designed mens fashion places inworld? I have several things from GB. Means hair I've been having trouble finding nice stuff. And inworld mens fashion with really nice design from extreme casual, dress casual to suits I just don't know where to look.
  5. When I tried the Skyler DEMO head on a male signature body I had several problems as follows: 1. The head kept turning red as though BOM was being used when I did not have bom on to my knowledge. I for sure did not use the bom alpha. That is the only thing i know for sure. 2. There were no eyes showing up at all. It made me wonder if separate eyes had to be purchased? 3. I could not get the skin to cover the head. The head just stayed red no matter what. This happened with my friend also. Of course its possible we were both doing the same thing wrong. Any advise on any of the things listed?
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