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  1. UPDATE thank you everyone for your help, up untill just now i was still having problems,i had even rebooted my router and still no joy even though i could log in using the sl viewer, anyway i thoght i would try one last thing and cleared all my catches and it worked i can now log into sl using firestorm once again thank you for your help
  2. thats my problem as well i cant get past connecting to region it seems to stick there and i get a blue spinning wheel ,yet i can log into the sl viewer with no problem
  3. i have tried logging into 4 different regions and my modem is fine as i can access the internet with no problems
  4. i have been trying for the last hour to log into sl, the log in bar gets so far then stops, i am using the firestorm viewer,have looked on the grid status but cant see anything on there about problems logging in and i have even uninstalled firestorm and reinstalled it
  5. i have just upgraded to premium membership and have an old style home how do i get a new one???
  6. i cant log into sl today, i keep getting the message oops something has gone wrong check grid status to see if there are any problems, i m in the uk
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