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  1. if i was belittling you id be calling you names and there was not one area were i called you any rude or crude name.
  2. no this isnt maintenance.. theyd write it as such.. they used to do that.. tuesdays and wends are sim restarts NOT complete shut downs.. sweety i have been on sl so long im not a vet on there.. im so freaking old it aint funny.. this wasnt just the sims.. this was invi issues, profile issues mp issues.. this is NOT just maintenance.
  3. https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/sw394b1nk25w?u=sv7ls5px86cv finally an update... found it on twitter
  4. im currently pregnant with twins.. can you share the numbers you used for you shape? like growth wise?? (tia.)
  5. are you still not allowed to use the physicians bag and then have a allpa doc take care of your care? this has always drove me nuts bc some see a midwife and doc irl so why cant one use the bag themselves and use a doc as well.. how is it different?
  6. Agree with prokofy... this would be awesome and most helpful.
  7. Thanks!!! I thought it might but wasnt sure because everyone told me it was a very low end beginner gaming computer and couldn't handle sl.. i was wondering if they were telling the truth or of course being sales ppl just wanted to sell me on the pricer computer lol. I so wish there was a cheaper option then this $650 option but i havent yet found one
  8. What about the HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15.6", Intel Core i5-9300H, NVIDIA GTX 1050 ... was googling and found a list of top 9 laptops for sl and it was on there but wanted a second opinion
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