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  1. I've been wondering too!
  2. Oh man, Thanks for the reply! Hopefully I can get mine to look like that too
  3. Noted, thank you!
  4. I’ve done it accidentally with my Giani, It makes him look like a little person rather than feminine but I figure it’s just because of the intense muscles and the dainty shape combo
  5. Hello! I hope everyone's doing well. I find myself here often in the forum asking questions, so I'm sorry about that! Basically, I'm a user who really just logins in every now and then to dressup and log out until next time. It's not that fun but it distracts me and it's all I know to do! Most places I visit (Gay related) are incredibly dead and it can be frustrating since it makes me lack knowledge on where to shop and stuff but that's not the point. Anyway, I've seen this body type around a bit, and I've been wondering if you guys know which one it is? I have Maitreya Lara, but that's for more of a fem boy girly look, I also have Gianni but that's buff as hell 😁 - What would this body be? It'd be so cool to have this type of body shape for once. Thanks! C) Dahvie Gloom @ Flickr. C) Elijah/Liamloves @ Flickr
  6. Does Momochuu include flat chest versions or are they for normal female avis?
  7. Ah true! I'm nervous about it but i'll look into the jake body as well, thank you!
  8. I really dislike IMVU. The community there is extremely toxic and in my experience, everyone knows each other which makes it worse.
  9. Hello! I'm the type of user to only come back on SL when I want to make avatars and dress them up. I struggle finding non empty places and friends, the ones I make tend to be the same type of users as I am which means they're rarely online. However, I'm back again and I'm determined to make two new avatars but I need help as I don't know my way around here or shops! - I'm looking to create an anime inspired, yet realistic (Kinda falling into korean) type of female avi. Examples here: - But I'm also interested in making a femboy avatar, this is where i'm clueless as I've tried everything and they always turn out looking like frat boys who want to look cute and are manly instead. Examples here: 3 -- I basically don't know where to shop for genetics and Ao's (clothing too) , halp.
  10. I'm looking to create a glam type of female avatar, I've seen some on instagram but I can't figure out what the best/most supported mesh body and heads are, also for skin creators and ao / other stuff. Any help? Look I'm trying to go for attached.
  11. Hi! I'm not that experienced with mesh bodies but I wanted to know if there's such a way to slim down the Gianni waist , feminine like, and extend the butt a bit? sort of like a mod. // outside of edit appearance as i've tried. I'm aware I could use a female body but from what i've experienced, it's really hard to find male clothing for female mesh bodies. any tips or suggestions / different bodys that have a nice skin support would be appreciated!
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