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  1. @Yuumo Ichibara that's a great tip, I had not heard of that place, so I will certainly give it a visit! @BJoyfulAnd I am definitely going to check out the passport stamp machine
  2. Hello Alora, I'm not applying but I would be interested in knowing more about the resort when open, as I operate what I am fairly sure is SL's only hotel and resort reviews website - theslhotelinspector.com
  3. Hello, these all look interesting and definite;y worth a visit. The posts Strawberry links to are from my site, I run a hotel and resorts review site, which I am pretty sure is the only one in Second Life (https://virtualhotels.online/). But, I am not only interested in five star places, but also other places, including camp sites. The only real criteria is they have to have a general look and feel of their RL equivalents I'll definitely check this one out!
  4. There is a Dubai themed resort, called Ermias Lifestyle Dubai, I wrote a review about it a few months back, The idea is good, but I thought they tried to pack too much into the sim so that the end result is almost claustrophobic, they would have been better concentrating on just one or two things (e.g. the desert, the marina etc). And indeed, there are 30+ hotels and vacation resorts in Second Life, my aim is to review and stay in them all by Easter.
  5. That's really kind Yuumo! I am finding that there are literally dozens of these places, and every day I find somewhere new. And indeed, I stay at the Rizzi in between reviews, it's one of my favourites.
  6. Hello, I run what I am pretty sure is SL's only hotel and reviews website. I have a directory here (which I am adding to all the time) - https://www.theslhotelinspector.com/sl-hotels
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