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  1. I still have a black screen, cannot even see the log in. It loads but nothing.
  2. Yeah, is odd, I hope it is SL. and not something else. Both the Firestorm and SL viewer are like that. I had Microsoft support do a remote check. I did a clean install as well since I checked the grid status first and saw no other similar issues being reported. Been over four hours for me now.
  3. I can't even see to log in....the whole screen loads black. I can move the mouse around and see where I am supposed to type but it doesn't allow me to nor the pw. There are no graphics. nothing. I never see a progress bar at all. That is what I meant by never experiencing this before.
  4. It is that "newbie" beside my name isn't it. LOL
  5. I was just hoping for someone to say that they too, saw a black screen. LOL. From what I gather, there are degrees of issues?
  6. Geez, why did I even bother to try and get a serious response. I was only curious if people were seeing the same thing I was, which is nothing. I've never had this happen before, trouble logging in yes, but never just a black screen without any graphics. Pardon my curiosity/concern.
  7. Lyssa, Funny, but not helpful...Everyone wants to be a comic.
  8. I've only gotten the black page for four hours...around 12. PM SLT.
  9. I can't even see the graphics to log in, just a big black page. Is that what you guys see?
  10. Is anyone else experiencing log in issues? I get a black page no matter which viewer I try to use.
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