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  1. Thank you all for your help and insight ♥ Got my answer from you all
  2. hello, I'm interested in changing my username (I know about the fee + premium), and I choose "resident" last name, would it appear as: "NEWUSERNAME" (like for the modern new users) or will it display as "NEWUSERNAME Resident"? Also, I imagine if I chose another last name from their small list, I would assume it would change it to "NEWUSERNAME LASTNAME," is that right? Thank you for the help.
  3. I agree ENTIRELY! Their hair is so lovely and I don't ever intend to talk smack about them. Seriously, you're so wonderful for trying your best to help with the demo ♥ Thank you again. I have contacted the maker 😄 I wish their group chat worked. Again, thank you! ♥
  4. Can you please show me this TOS rule so that I don't break it in the future further, I'm still learning things.
  5. Sorry, I didn't mean to show the creator in a bad light-- which isn't what I intended. I was looking for some insight on the HUD script as one person graciously checked out the demo hud of the hair for me and confirmed it just wasn't me. I too have other styles of their hair, and this is the only one giving me issues. My opinion on ONE hairstyle having HUD issues will not deter their business, even with the pandemic going on, as many more of their hairs work other than maybe 1-2 (2 is a maximum guess, I saw someone else reporting one hairstyle with buns from them took the HUD 4 hours to fix)
  6. Omg I think I found it. It’s yumyum hair!
  7. Hello guys! I have been on a hunt for this hair and I’ve tried all the stores I could think of on where this hair is from, here is the Flickr page that it’s shown on. Usually Flickr pages have credits but it sucks this one doesn’t... https://www.flickr.com/photos/calypsoshoteka/41347837914/ please and thank you for any help!!
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