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  1. My apologies to the OP for adding to the derailment of her thread. Atina0, that's rather a cold assumption to make, '...losing it a bit...' look up Mental Health Awareness. Remember, we are all REAL people behind these avatars/alts, we are all in the same boat, yet some think it's OK to exploit that. SL is not a game, and some people just don't treat others in-world like they would in RL, or do they! Again, I apologise to the OP.
  2. Not on Linden Homes, sorry. The allowance is a set number on the LH parcels at 175 or 351, depending on the house style. What style did you choose?
  3. Do you mean on a Linden Home?
  4. Filberty was released. I think I'll pass on this region 😐
  5. No, we weren't going to poke anyone, especially the bear, nor were we complaining, just having fun 😊
  6. You were the one I had in mind πŸ˜‚
  7. If they fix the glitch, they may have a small rebellion 😁
  8. We've had that happen on a few of ours. Hubby kept it on his latest one, and was asked how he had achieved it. We assume it's just a glitch in the control 😁
  9. My alt got a house on Thatch Lea on the release, accidentally, and before I even had a chance to look around, one of them (not sure mother or daughter) walked onto the parcel, stood in front of my alt, stared, then flounced off! Not surprised to see they are still collecting the houses there. Beyond odd indeed.πŸ€”
  10. Had to do this on the nekkid female, with large male attachment, that wouldn't leave after abandoning. I didn't give them a chance to introduce themselves πŸ₯Ί
  11. Go to your Dashboard, the one with all your account details etc. To the right is a yellow button "Get your Home Now" it then takes you to your options, the ones available at the moment. Choose your options: has a pull down tab for more choices that are currently available.
  12. Hahaha you and your clicky finger! I have some duct tape somewhere...πŸ˜…
  13. Sleepwalking would be bad if you stay there πŸ˜€
  14. I'm about to release a Trad on Wavecrest. It's a nice spot, but not woodsy enough for me. I called it The Sinkhole... you'll see why if you get it πŸ˜‰ Wondering who got it😁
  15. To even things up, I will release mine after posting this. It's a similar situation, square parcel on Evallen.
  16. I sent you a message earlier, but if you've already found one, I'd like to release the one I have and try for a house.
  17. Thank you for the hint, I was one door too soon 😁 They have run out of Quartz Gnome... someone licked all of them πŸ˜…
  18. I gave up too, I don't want to be chased around by boulders with teeth again, I completed that quest last year. So no Mole Gnomes for me either ☹️
  19. I had one of these yesterday, and was tempted to just rez a house from my inventory πŸ˜€
  20. I moved out of one on Beneline at 14:56 SLT, but haven't seen it come up on the page yet. But I am getting the choice of Trads but then get the error message πŸ˜•
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