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  1. There should't be anything rezzed but I'll do an area search just in case.
  2. I'm pretty sure I never visited that place, there are no groups in common between the three of us, this guy never visited our land, see I ruled out the obvious, that's why I have no idea where he got my name from. Seems weird that someone would pick me to add of all people. Must be at random. I blocked the object, I shouldn't recieve anything else.
  3. Hello everyone, something odd just happened to me. I recieved an object, more precisely one of those invitations you wear and they give out a landmark. I usually recieve that kind of item when I hit the subscribers in an in-world store, I'm sure you know what I mean. Now, the odd thing is, this object/invitation comes from some club owner my daughter knows in-world, but how did this guy got my name? We never met, my daughter never mentioned me, our profiles are not connected and our groups are private. My daughter recieved the same object and, like me, she didn't hit any subscriber on thi
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