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  1. Lilith, quite to the point as all your posts. Starting backwards, I did take a note on those stores and I shall search them once I go home. As for the SD skin, yes I have an applied and I might look for another or so if I dont change the head shape sooner. Yes my pre bento head is nice.. in ways but.. catwa needs to work on the hud.. like badly work on the hud. It's not user friendly at all for the price they ask for it. On the other hand.. I am glad that you pointed out Lelutka cause from videos I have seen online, i cant say i understood more their hud than the one i already own. Sad bu
  2. Skell thank you for that info, I will try that set up for sure. Not gonna go with BOM yet. You can call me majority and not early adaptor on the curve. I did more experiments and spend hours of my time taking on and off things. Putting applies, failing and trying again. So far I managed to put together and break apart the current build I have on my avatar kept the hair base cause for some reason every time I restart the game I have to put it on. Not sure why but will figure that out after some more trial and error. Do you believe BOM is the future or..? And for the BOM you use old skins or you
  3. Greetings BerryRoll, For example this was my avatar look at 2016-17 On this one my 2018-19 look. Pretty worst that the first one yet I tried. Now the looks I like.. dont call me out of my mind but when something is good is good. At least according to my tastes. I know this pics are heavily photoshopped and so on but.. good looking. Needless to say I try contacting the creators or avatar pilots yet.. no answer or hint. Scylla, It has some pretty useful tips one written manual and it is a good source of in
  4. Greetings to the community, I am a man at the age of late 30s, I started my SL life, almost the time this "game" launched. With a lot on and off periods due to RL issues, aka work. Cant describe how much I love it and how passionate I am about it. After almost 1,5 year of absence I came back in game.. Tried pretty hard to adjust to the BentoMesh things, all this appliers, this rather complicated things but i failed. Like epic fail to create something even remotely close to what I do think attractive as a male avatar. Dont get me wrong, I do get compliments here and there by girls, but it'
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