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  1. Lilith, quite to the point as all your posts. Starting backwards, I did take a note on those stores and I shall search them once I go home. As for the SD skin, yes I have an applied and I might look for another or so if I dont change the head shape sooner. Yes my pre bento head is nice.. in ways but.. catwa needs to work on the hud.. like badly work on the hud. It's not user friendly at all for the price they ask for it. On the other hand.. I am glad that you pointed out Lelutka cause from videos I have seen online, i cant say i understood more their hud than the one i already own. Sad but true. So yea, next head will prolly be this one. Updates.. yes, i did update all. And honestly, signature made that hud very user friendly. I am glad they put effort there thus I wont change them anytime soon. The only bad thing, (or the thing I dont know) was that I couldnt transfer my saved alphas from old hud to new but no matter what.. progress is progress. I dont have any alts (strange I know) so all the messing up happens at poor slay. Now.. for BOM.. as said above to Skell, not yet but soon enough I hope.
  2. Skell thank you for that info, I will try that set up for sure. Not gonna go with BOM yet. You can call me majority and not early adaptor on the curve. I did more experiments and spend hours of my time taking on and off things. Putting applies, failing and trying again. So far I managed to put together and break apart the current build I have on my avatar kept the hair base cause for some reason every time I restart the game I have to put it on. Not sure why but will figure that out after some more trial and error. Do you believe BOM is the future or..? And for the BOM you use old skins or you can wear new ones too? Havent seen/found anyone on YouTube putting a new skin on them.
  3. Greetings BerryRoll, For example this was my avatar look at 2016-17 On this one my 2018-19 look. Pretty worst that the first one yet I tried. Now the looks I like.. dont call me out of my mind but when something is good is good. At least according to my tastes. I know this pics are heavily photoshopped and so on but.. good looking. Needless to say I try contacting the creators or avatar pilots yet.. no answer or hint. Scylla, It has some pretty useful tips one written manual and it is a good source of information. Other than that.. it's not exactly my taste on cloths and so on. But since I do enjoy written stuff earned a place at my fav SL help tools. Marianne, I wear a catwa non bento head cause I found bentos rather complicated to adjust, stray dog skin, and signature body. With all the respect to the rest of the creators those looked good for me back then. The bad thing with all those tiny lil plot twists with appliers, extra Huds and on.. it's the I spend more time adjusting than playing the game. Out of focus, totally, for me at least. Hope in future things will be simpler again. Matty, Let's hope that simplicity will be the ultimate sophistication on those. Orion thank you, I will text you and if out times online meet let's discuss more. Dean, I do understand your motos, our avatars are a constant work In progress, yes, i agree with you on that but i wanna spend more time in world doing things, exploring and socializing than buying adjusting and sticking, so I do believe we need to pause that work for long times and just enjoy the game. As for the other moto I always say the expensive thing you pay it once and it's good, the cheap one.. you pay for it several times. For obvious reasons. So most of what you say find me to agree with your POV. Orwar, I laughed more than I should on that TMP body cause u have the same opinion. As for that.. it ends.. BAD .. look my pictures and be sure about that! But thank you for adding up to the subject. I agree on the minimal wardrobe too. Lilith, not recreate, but bring it to 2020.. without the needing to be a meta phd computer scientist. I posted some pictures above, hope you can contribute even a lil. Anilyse, interesting theory, not sure I can follow it. Lewis, Cant comment on BOM cause I am not there yet with my knowledge but sure most people from what I hear are happy with this change. P.s. thank you all for your replays so far. It was beyond my expectations. I logged in to see if anyone answered me and so many people putting their something below my post. Really thanks.
  4. Greetings to the community, I am a man at the age of late 30s, I started my SL life, almost the time this "game" launched. With a lot on and off periods due to RL issues, aka work. Cant describe how much I love it and how passionate I am about it. After almost 1,5 year of absence I came back in game.. Tried pretty hard to adjust to the BentoMesh things, all this appliers, this rather complicated things but i failed. Like epic fail to create something even remotely close to what I do think attractive as a male avatar. Dont get me wrong, I do get compliments here and there by girls, but it's not an avatar I enjoy been on, or fit in the shoes correctly. I spended a lot, like A LOT, of hours on youtube tutorials from creators, bloggers like Berry and even simple individuals they wanted to be helpful by creating a video. From all I learned something but not enough to be comfortable on changing my tattoo or my beard for example. Hell, even putting on the facial hair had me watching a 35 min tutorial, since I know I am not a pro on computers. Back at the old days you created an account, you'd found a blog with details on where to buy what and bam, after you put your personal touch on it you had a rather "unic" avatar. Or just build one out of your mind if you were a creative person with taste yourself. Nowadays bloggers/Flickrs dont explain basic things like body, head, shape skin.. just advertise hair, dogs and so on. And as much as you are creative you get lost in the variety (which is awesome if you spend your LLs wise). Finishing that long post I would like to know if there is a guy or girl that I could show her or him what about I like, what's my taste, and can understand what i want and help me out a bit. Like type or better voice me and walk me thru this hell of shopping and mix matching things. The help will be appreciated, any kind of help. My in world avatar name is: Slayerized Boucher Thanks in advance. For anyone who took the time on reading this, and even more to those who will decide to help me out. P.s. English isn't my native thus the many typos. Thank you, Slay.
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