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  1. When I am trying to change texture of Linden Home on everything, I click the control panel on the wall and it goes to it's page to do that. I don't get anything to show up to click on. Am I not doing something right? I added a picture to show what happens.. then it pops up a box saying " Whoops! There was an error in processing your selection or the house is not responding. Please click again on the house control panel inworld or try again later." It has done this for almost 3 days.
  2. When you have your account stolen and Linden Labs wants you to use your email address that you made the account with , what if you no longer have that email address and can't access it ? My friend lost her account and she had put a lot of money into it. She had been on that account for a long while, lost it a couple yrs. ago. It isn't fair to the people who work hard and spend money here to have it taken away without a word. It is wrong and cruel.
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