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  1. What of RP and what PC games are you into? And when do you tend to log into SL?
  2. Same here. The dropped a new P that functions like absolute hell and is not friendly at all, whatsoever.
  3. Hi, I too like drinking. Though games and roleplay tend to be far more exciting I've found lol.
  4. Only a few hours ahead of me lol
  5. Do you mind saying what time zone you're in so that it'll help know when you're typically around?
  6. A little further up north here, I'm just not on very often lol.
  7. What time zone are you most actively trying to be on? That might help you out a little bit, just trying to be friendly 😊
  8. It's nice to see these feel good posts from new users. Let's just hope that things can improve from here. Keep your head up, you'll keep finding good people with the positive attitude your giving right now!
  9. Rule 34 is all I can say, rule 34 lol. I'm curious as to how you achieve a non child look without just completely distorting the body though OP.
  10. Second opinions can be huge. I spent a decade in back pain because this "doctor" said I was having pain because I have scoliosis. I knew it was bs and tried to get a second opinion. However, because this was in the military, they wouldn't authorize an outside opinion. People who had a brain knew that it wasn't right because first off, back then scoliosis made you ineligible for military service, and is also something that develops over time with noticeable affects. If my scoliosis was that severe, I would never have been allowed in high school sports. And secondly, the level of severity that would immobilize me for a simple jog within less than a quarter mile would have to have me physically deformed in some fashion. A decade later after being rejected from multiple doctors who didn't want to deal with a service connected injury, finally found a chiropractor that took an x-ray. The problem? Two vertebrae towards the bottom of my spine that were misaligned. The reason why I was dealing with immobilizing pain was because they would pinch a nerve that chain reacted if they were agitated. A month later, I couldn't believe I was running, something that I had sworn would never happen again in my life. Second opinions make a massive difference. Also had a doctor tell me that I had asthma, another disqualifier for military service, that was bad enough to have me collapse on the ground. Again, 18 years old, not even 6 months had passed since the last track and field event I competed in. 2 weeks after being diagnosed, I was brought in after collapsing once again. The lady was dumbfounded as to how the first guy completely missed the fact that I had pneumonia, but had decided that it was asthma instead.
  11. Aww, so adorable. I have two cockatiels of my own!
  12. My room mate an I are looking to find a community that we can join where we're not stuck in a skybox if possible, maybe even one where we can convince our friends to move into as well. Problem is that we have no idea how to find a community to join that's not going to force us to do rp that we don't want to participate in. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  13. I was just looking at this and am curious about the dome in the center of the box. Would that go away or is that a permanent thing? Edit: I reloaded bringing my possible room mate and it went away. I'm just curious as to if that's something random or texture based...
  14. I relate this pretty well myself, although it's mostly insecurities that limit me on a very large scale. I don't think that you made a terrible mess of introducing yourself though. You're certainly someone that I would like to meet and talk to anyways...
  15. Well I'm always down to meet new people
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