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  1. Aww, so adorable. I have two cockatiels of my own!
  2. That could certainly be fun. Lord knows I haven't played an actual game in months. Almost a year now actually...
  3. My room mate an I are looking to find a community that we can join where we're not stuck in a skybox if possible, maybe even one where we can convince our friends to move into as well. Problem is that we have no idea how to find a community to join that's not going to force us to do rp that we don't want to participate in. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I was just looking at this and am curious about the dome in the center of the box. Would that go away or is that a permanent thing? Edit: I reloaded bringing my possible room mate and it went away. I'm just curious as to if that's something random or texture based...
  5. I relate this pretty well myself, although it's mostly insecurities that limit me on a very large scale. I don't think that you made a terrible mess of introducing yourself though. You're certainly someone that I would like to meet and talk to anyways...
  6. Well I'm always down to meet new people
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