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  1. I appreciate the offer but for the cost for me I am hoping to get a sure result . would hate to have paid that and not have the avatar rigged.
  2. EDIT: sorry realized we should be talking in terms of Linden. I will pay 14400 L$ Hi there, I have a model created, however I am unable to get it to rig properly for SL. I do have Avastar but it seems to be too much of a challenge for me, so I am looking to hire someone to rig it for me for SL. The model is roughly based on the Aesthetic body. I will pay 60$ USD to for someone to rig it and paint the weights properly. It is meant to be fitted mesh.
  3. ehh it is a superhero rp but I think a little too focused on female hero capture/bdsm for my taste, considering I'm gay lol.
  4. I'm a comic book geek and really want to get into some superhero roleplay. I have a character and back story all figured out and was wondering if any of those RPs are around? Even if not sim specific.
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