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  1. Hey all! I was chilling in an adult sim today when a user entered the sim and started talking on VC. They sounded very young- pre-pubescent boy maybe? And were messing around with poseballs and giggling and generally acting immature. I am concerned that this user is underage, but the only evidence I have is that they sounded young on VC and were acting immature. Is there any way I can report them, or should I just warn others to not engage? I'm just very concerned about the safety of this user and those around them.
  2. Hey all! Sorry if this is posted in the wrong thread- I didn't know where to put it. Anyway, I left some groups a while back, but I'm still getting notices and chat messages from them. The groups are completely gone from my group list but after checking the group profile on one of them, I'm still in the members list and don't have a "leave" button.
  3. Hey all. I signed up for SL before I was 18, but I recently turned 18 and am still unable to access mature sims. I can view mature content in the marketplace browser in-game, but cannot update my preferences under Me>Preferences>General under the section "I want to access content rated:", as the drop-down box is grayed out. Thanks in advance!
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