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  1. Yeah, I read in another post that NiranV helped LL fix the issue again since it popped up with updates a few months ago. So I guess for now there's nothing to do but wait and hope. Or use BD viewer as was suggested. Thank you for the inputs.
  2. Hello So lately I have been getting into SL photography. I like to take HD pictures (graphics maxed, 16 AA, 4.0 shadows, 6144x3254 resolution, HQ-snapshots enabled, saved to disk). But I have noticed something off on my photos. Namely, with the settings I have, my photos seem to split into 4 (I am guessing due to the resolution?). I enabled FOV display to show what I mean: (The picture is a bit blurry due to imgur processing but this is 22MB full HD picture on my drive) When normally it wouldn't bother me, I have started to notice that sometimes, it's very noticable where the lines run: On some pictures it not and issue but when the lines land on certain lights and sometimes even avatar shadows, it really messes up the picture even when looking from afar, because it cuts the shadows in half a lot of the times. So my question is, is it normal or do I have some settings wrong? Do I need to just deal with it and try to photoshop it later or is there a way to make the lines not appear. All info and help is appreciated!
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