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  1. my neighbors was being noisy so i had to do what i had to do
  2. this dude came into my skybox and wouldn't leave smh
  3. oooh i like this one, i'll go try out the demo, thanks for the recommendation ❤️
  4. i checked .shi but i didn't find the hairstyle that i want, imma check out dura, thank you ^.^
  5. can you guys recommend me a hair that looks similar to this or this ? It kinda looks like a mullet. Thank you in advance!
  6. i used to dance at that place all the time when i was new, ppl over seem nice and they gave me a bunch of free stuff for my noob avi
  7. thanks y'all, imma check them out ❤️
  8. i'm looking for this type of skirt , with or without the label is fine i'm also looking for stores that have similar style like The sea hole store, pls give me some recommendations! Thank you
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