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  1. this dude came into my skybox and wouldn't leave smh
  2. oooh i like this one, i'll go try out the demo, thanks for the recommendation ❤️
  3. i checked .shi but i didn't find the hairstyle that i want, imma check out dura, thank you ^.^
  4. can you guys recommend me a hair that looks similar to this or this ? It kinda looks like a mullet. Thank you in advance!
  5. i used to dance at that place all the time when i was new, ppl over seem nice and they gave me a bunch of free stuff for my noob avi
  6. thanks y'all, imma check them out ❤️
  7. i'm looking for this type of skirt , with or without the label is fine i'm also looking for stores that have similar style like The sea hole store, pls give me some recommendations! Thank you
  8. i've recently returned to sl, i'm using firestorm and it was completely normal before but now when i look at some avatars, my screen looks like this, i look away and it's normal again. This only happens when some avatars appears in my view. Does anyone know what this is? sorry for my English btw
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