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  1. I don't know there is roller skating!! 😮 I never done roller skating in SL but I love it in RL. Do you know anybody who creates Roller Skating shoes? What place I can do that?
  2. I'm so sorry for long to reply to y'all. @Marianne Little @Skell Dagger @Rowan Amore @Lewis Luminos @Nalates Urriah I understand everything y'all said. @Nalates Urriah I understand, and I don't want to ignore applier, I would love to learn about everything, try on everything. I understand BOM is very really cool thing to do. I'm taking my time to try things and learn about things. @Rowan Amore and @Lewis Luminos, Yeah I do had two skins on my avatar, I was wondering it was like that, you answered it. It made sense. I will find that group you are talked about and these links you gave me, I bookmarked them, @Marianne Little @Skell Dagger I took everything off and tried to start over and I did these steps you told me to do, and these visual is REALLY helped me and I love this one. Your effort in this is awesome!!!! It worked. Guys, I really appreciated this so much and Thank you so much for helping!!! ^-^
  3. @Nalates UrriahThank you for replying and I'm sorry, I should specific my body and head out there. I do have Catya Bento Catwa Head and Maitreya Lara Body. I will show you the picture. By the way, I tried to take off my actual skin but nope. I was trying to try some skin on. https://prnt.sc/13g9s4d P.S. Sorry for big picture.
  4. I learned when you BOM the skin, you have to take off alpha layer, and it showed up. I feel I'm in middle of the how to do skin thing. I don't know what to do with appliers. Maybe pictures peferred, I'm visual person. Please show how y'all do it in correct order.
  5. @Dean Haystack Thank you so much for the advice. Yes I learned SL's avatar, shopping, demo,... its takes few day to learn and i got my first outfit. One more thing, this map rights, thank you for that.. also, i don't know where is my maps rights. I'm on Firestorm View. I seen maps but what exactly is my right?
  6. Hello! How are you guys? I'm doing good right now! I'm looking for making friend, in order to meet you; to see that we have a good connection/interest, your personality. About Me I am deaf woman who is 20 year old. I like manga, youtube, netflix, hulu, movies, tv shows, having fun & a good time. (For anime, I have to tell you that I haven't seen new anime in while but I do like old animes such as One Piece, Detective Conan, Sailor Moon, etc.) My personality is very caring about you, sweet, happy to see you, could be goofy and funny if you think I am funny, and always try to cheer you up if you are in having bad day. I dislike texting unless its for like meet up time, bad day, etc. (I really like having conversation in person, I know its virtual world but you get me) some foods (Very picky eater) I know it's short there up but I do have lot of that but I can't remember. I'm online at mostly night or some daylight (I'm in Central Zone Time). I could be not here at some day due to work but willing to try to be there at some point on everyday but I take my real life seriously. Also, I know my account is 7 months old... I tried to do it in the beginning due to compilcated things and find to hard to meet people but I did meet three people, one of them tried to help me. So I gave up... now i'm back, like around the week, this time, I will not give up because it's hard for me but its getting easier now. I researched alot and see their people's experience on it, everyone was new at first and did what I did that is hard for them. Mostly they said its take times, and will get easier. I'm trying, just remember I'm new at this. You could comment below it, you could say about yourself if you want to, etc. I'm asking for a chance for meet me if you might be friends with me. Have a good day, everyone! 😊
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