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  1. Ryukaii

    Partnering Issue..

    Yes, I told them to log out and log back in, still no change.
  2. Ryukaii

    Partnering Issue..

    Hello, I'm partnered with someone in Second Life, and for some reason my profile shows my partner in the box, but when it comes to my partner's profile, my profile isn't showing up as their partner in their box. We both tried to log into the website, and it clearly says I'm still partnered with them, but when my partner logs in and check, I don't exist. I tried dissolving it and was going to try and redo it, but I get a error message. I have the lindens needed to do so, but it still won't do. Are there any options I can take to fix this or will I have to submit a ticket? If I have to submit a
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