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  1. Hello, thanks for answering. It happens that I have already been contacting support, but they close my ticket saying that I need to contact from the account that was stolen, but how will I contact from there if they have stolen it? "Ticket comment MichaelB Scout – Hello eviilstar, Thank you for contacting the Linden Lab Account Security team. I understand your concern regarding the account. So that we may assist you, please submit a new ticket with the email address that you used to create the account. Sincerely, MichaelB Scout Linden Lab Account Security Sincerely, Second Life Support Team" I don't know what to do... 1469480:646620
  2. My account has been stolen and email and password changed. I have my payment information. I managed to recover it 2 days ago, but it was stolen again. Linden Labs Account Security does not agree to help me because they wants me to contact them through the email in which I registered my account, but I cannot even access that account. What I can do to recover my account? I changed my security question and my email, but they also changed email again. I know who is the person who is stealing my account because when I recovered it, I could see that she had only her main account added to her friends list. An ex girlfriend is stealing my account and uses my payment information to make purchases. I need help, please.
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