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  1. Ahh thats brilliant thank you sorted it out now
  2. Thank you Maitimo, how do I make a full perm texture then to add to the note card? I have a texture and it wont let me add it saying the perms have to be changed
  3. Hello I am just wondering how do I change the permissions on a texture to add it to a note card? Thanks in advance
  4. Hello I am trying to put a platform up on my own land in the air and when I stand on the platform to raise it i just fall off and have to fly up and get it back. Is there a reason this keeps happening.. I read that's how you raise sky boxes but it does not work Thanks
  5. Thank you LittleMe Jewell, thats great info
  6. Heya Me and my bf want to live on the same land. My land that I bought and its main land.. He wants to be able to rez and build stuff and move my things about if needed. I have set up a group for us both, but not sure what else I need to do to let him be able to do this. I read a bit about deeding land to groups and it makes no sense to me, I want it to still be my land, but just give him full perms. thanks in advance
  7. Ah that's fantastic Mollymews, thanks for your reply and info, it's a great help I will give that a go today Does it take a while for things to sell? Like in RL.. lol
  8. Thank you for your reply Alwin. Sorry yes I didn't say It's a transferable sky box and land too (or I assume its land too, as it used my 1024m of my premium account). I am not really sure how to go about actually doing the sale and how I put up an ad for it. To buy it I stood on the property, right clicked and clicked "buy" and it just did it all.. so would someone buying it from me do the same? I dont know what settings I would have to change to allow people to look around to tp to it or even how to do that.. I bought it through a listing on market place and it had a tp link to look around and a for sale sign at the house explaining to right click to buy. Any info greatly appreciated. 😁😁😊
  9. Hia, I have a Sky box home I bought last week and I don't think its right for me know so wanted to sell it on, but I have no idea how to go about doing it... I noticed here in the forum different categories for listing them, but I am not sure what my home falls into. Also can it be listed on the market place? I dont really know what I am doing. PixieRose
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