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  1. Ah that's fantastic Mollymews, thanks for your reply and info, it's a great help I will give that a go today Does it take a while for things to sell? Like in RL.. lol
  2. Thank you for your reply Alwin. Sorry yes I didn't say It's a transferable sky box and land too (or I assume its land too, as it used my 1024m of my premium account). I am not really sure how to go about actually doing the sale and how I put up an ad for it. To buy it I stood on the property, right clicked and clicked "buy" and it just did it all.. so would someone buying it from me do the same? I dont know what settings I would have to change to allow people to look around to tp to it or even how to do that.. I bought it through a listing on market place and it had a tp link to look around and a for sale sign at the house explaining to right click to buy. Any info greatly appreciated. 😁😁😊
  3. Hia, I have a Sky box home I bought last week and I don't think its right for me know so wanted to sell it on, but I have no idea how to go about doing it... I noticed here in the forum different categories for listing them, but I am not sure what my home falls into. Also can it be listed on the market place? I dont really know what I am doing. PixieRose
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