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  1. Thank you Raspberry. Found the Wallpaper at a rl big box. 🙂
  2. You are welcome anytime. Thank you for the compliment too.
  3. Good morning. 🙂 I spent much of the weekend decorating my new Doyle home in Swithins Bridge. I am still making changes in the other rooms but am very happy with the rooms I've included photos of here. What do you think? Using furnishings/items from: INDULGE, ValArt, BOUTIQUE, DIGS, O.M.E.N, Dust Bunny, Loft & Aria, Apple Fall, Fancy Decor, Bazar, Domineaux and a few other talented creators I am sorry I am forgetting to credit. My door is always open.
  4. I have a ticket opened on the same issue on the Verne. Live chat was unable to correct it and they opened the ticket. Been open since about 11 est. I guess they are busy.
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