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  1. Oh cool. Whell I try to visit some areas before all turn to history! Sometimes I shoot pictures. Like cardpostal. We have 2020 and I'don't know about sl but areas tend to go in memories. Also I joined second life fairly recent and I never had the chance to see most of the place I read about. I seek relics like linden bears or items that somehow remain after all this year's around. I can find some old stuff in mplace. Still I like to colect comemorative old items and such.
  2. From time to time I enjoy visit old sims and discover areas from the early days of sl. So post some interesting locations, or speak about past sims like cornfield. Also I have a thing for old items and shareables. Did you know any locations u can find interesting stuff?
  3. I didn't had a conversation to begin with. I Trully all I saw wasexcuses. All I was trying was to prove some false asumption. But we'll I guess in the end we are soul colectors from hell. Light the fires.
  4. OK. The post dies. I guess it's pointless. 12 years ago. And will keep dying with this mindset.
  5. Yep. I still wait to speak about the subject through and not fight or joke around with someone who don't try to avoid stuff and make 3rd grade jokes. As u see not much luck
  6. I got in a sandbox and I met a naked classic avie. In a sandbox? Let's close the whole sl registry system. Noobs are evil.
  7. Oh now u became unit. Good. Cause when this dude acused me for rp and bands and blindles. U was kinda didn't saw it either. Do I look I care. I said what I had to said. And what I said especially about the souls and the bites was 100% on point. Why the ***** still making a great subject about it it's beyond me. They love this. They can easily stop posting and this dies. But as u see they prefer trying to make me go away. I came here to speak about some stuff. This post is about this stuff. We can discuss ir if they like or they can leave the post. Not the opposite.
  8. Honey. How about close the post and go a mile from the pc. With all the respect witch fr is becoming lesser and lesser with the time passes I don't care about the bloodlines that much. When I see people hating me I return the same. I never said I came to advertise bloodlines or any game. I see lies and I spoke what the truth is. You don't have a sl soul. Nothing of this claims they Try so hard is really make sense. I know wth I say with proofs about. And u speak about gays and wrong comparison. I used an example based on hate. Call it bad taste. Call it what u love it wasn't against them. I see hate and racism and blindness. I try explain and they prefer to moke and joke. What makes u think anything u said to me make sense at all. I didn't came to prove anything. I came to answer some stuff I see days now and some lies about something I'm part of it everyday. I don't care if u like it or hate it. That's ur decision. But making a asumption based on whatever they throw don't Gina work either.
  9. Dude I never said vamps are real. All I say is people hate in sl fr people just because are vampires. I need to explain again that this is so much complicated than they think. Before some ages some stuff happen they made a decision we all deserve to be judged the same. They don't even know what they stand for. Half blame the rp. Others say it isn't. Both agree we are all evil. All I say is not all people all the same. And they make a joke try to twist what I say to prove me wrong and keep hating people they don't even met. Also I'm bloodline player. And I'm not a dude. You technical called me ashold 😂
  10. I say not hating bloodline users. If this a reason to be hated be it. I defend my way of view. I wasn't even hating none when we started. But after so much enlitment see real rich people.
  11. Great point! Do you hate people who play bloodlines? The game sucked! And decide Wth u believe cause some acuse people for rp only. Others say it's not. Decide! Between all of you is rp or not first. As u see the post was to show some stuff people don't know about us. Not turn them on. Do you hate bloodline players? Cause as it seems the do without even thinking. And before start again their suporters means they agree with the crap I hear an hour now!
  12. Nice. After u called me so many names now try to generalise it. Yes ur kind. The kind of people who asume and implied I am the same ashold who.met in their life's before 10 years. Yes u may deal with racism. That doesn't make u less racist through. Keep believe ur dream we all are the same. I'm not asumin here I see with my own freaking eyes. How exactly prove ur point is more important. Wth I said that made u think I'm bad person? Refer it! Pls. What was the evil thing I said? The other one said that bans everyone he likes because thinks we all rp?
  13. Good that was the point of making a post. Trully u think this was affected me? 😂 Ik with I said. Ik what I try to explain. While here and there I have the self righteous trying to make a joke or have fun. In the end I'm not the one who constantly open hating people. That was the majority of the answers. I was called ashold and so many other things while I tried say it's bad ban or asume people because they are something u are not having the full age. I even got d asumed as rp fanatic by a person who don't have a clue what is rp. With this logic of him all sleep is rp.
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