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  1. this is because shape file is corrupted. you need to reset up your shape from the mesh head folder to stop the prompt of 'xxxx is missing' whenever you log in or teleport anywhere. i encounter this last month and i thought it was legacy server going bonkers... but no. from what i observe maybe it's because i teleported from 1 place to another without letting my whole avi to finish loading and caused the file corruption
  2. I've encountered this problem last month. it's one of the item that you wear being corrupted. i don't know what that item is call, on default viewer, the icon is a big human holding a small human's hand. the one that you wear when you start with a new mesh head. it's shape related. i didn't find a way to solve the issue. will need to configure your shape again from scratch (lucky i write down my body part and shape's numbers).
  3. welcome to second life no, you won't need to wear an alpha at all for hair. even alpha for mesh clothings are not necessary. by the way, just a reminder: remember to choose 'add' when you want to put on something, not 'wear' or double click.
  4. hello soaping, add me vinnvixvinn and i will give you a basic walk through when I'm online... do let me know your time zone too or whether you will log in asia time, usa time or european time zone 😇
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