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  1. Thanks Alwin, I have only begun my research on motherhood and already this forum has given me a wealth of info. Postnatal Depression is one that I had overlooked. I am sure it's because of my youth but, Alwin, now I see from my quick look at the Wiki that Postnatal Depression is indeed a major issue. Thanks to all of you!
  2. Thanks to all of your for you good advice. I got carried away in seeing SL having any real value on this issue. Yes, those are good suggestions about taking the classes or attending mommy meetings. I just wondered if this new thing for me, Second Life had anything to offer. Fauve, I think you hit the nail on the head. I was assuming Zoobies involved the whole process (having seen the pregnancy shapes somewhere) But as I said in my ordinal post, a significant part of the RL is the pain of childbirth followed by the euphoria of a successful birth. Thanks again to all.
  3. I am trying to decide if I want to try out being a mother in SL before it happens outside my control in RL. I hear a lot about Zooby Babies but all i can find in world are foster babies, clothes and cribs. And I hear about the Zooby baby lag. I have seen babies galore in my life all around me and have a feeling for that. But what can prepare me for the actual birth process? Can someone help. Does anyone try to at least simulate some of issues that a pregnant girl needs to know might be in her future? I am thinking probably not because there is no way in SL you can simulate RL pain, especi
  4. Hear, hear Selene Literally! So many SL users claim to care for the handicapped but are so prejudiced when it comes to handicaps that they cannot see. If people are in a wheelchair, or have a disease that can be seen we spend thousands of hours and uncounted lindens to support the needs. Don't get me wrong, there are many worthy causes out there in SL and RL that do this good work. But for those of us that have handicaps you cannot see (hearing loss, mental issues, etc.) SL should be a way for us to at least have a CHANCE to be on par with others. The next time you call someone "out
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