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  1. My priority is to obtain at least one grandfathered at 30k prim region. I will take 2 30k prim regions if you have them, however I will take a 20k or a homestead along with the 30k region. Please contact vampirinad in world, I am usually online, but I sometimes am afk. You can also try contacting lea acer if you are having troubles getting threw to me or want to try to get my attention faster if I am not around. contacts: vampirinad lea acer
  2. all my club equpment and my horses and outher itames that are none trans waqs put in anouthers name whin sl did the reoling restart yesterday how am i to get it baack beans the pearson can not give them back due to them being none trans
  3. Imlooking to buy a full sim am willing t5o take over full payments of it want it put in my name after a deal has be masxe to relive u of full respozsabilty please contact me in world vampirinad Resident
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