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  1. Here at Gooseberry Estates we want everyone to feel at home and part of a beautiful community. We take the hassle out of everything you want in a home. If you love the newest houses on the grid but you don't want to use your prims for your home and landscaping, Gooseberry is the place for you. Each small and large parcel comes with its own special unique rezzing system. With just a click of a button you can choose from pages of the newest homes in Second Life, fully landscaped and ready for you to decorate whenever you want. No need to call a manager to c
  2. I do hope they off a sale or promotion, it would definitely affect my decision on adding another account.
  3. if there are fewer good ones, it makes your chance of getting a good one less not higher.
  4. Probably should please the ones with multiple accounts, who are likely to add more.... I don't think the house boats are the issues, rather the layout that appears, to have them dropped in blocking views. It needs to be attractive, and appealing. I have a lovely houseboat with a great view, if you are adding a stilt house or a houseboat, I imagine you are wanting a few things from that. Open water access, ocean views are the first thing that come to mind. It needs to fulfill the fantasy of what a home on the water is for most people, it needs to be pretty. LL needs not only for the curre
  5. Actually it is their business, this is a successful business model because their clients are buying multiple accounts. Key word here client, we are the client, and they need to listen to the client, if they want us to not only add additional accounts, but keep them. It is rather silly to say one is enough, enough for who, you? LL does better the more demand, the more accounts you have and want to maintain. It is their business to make these desirable,. or the will just end up with swaths of abandoned, and vacant houses.
  6. This does not motivate me to get another account for stilt homes, I was on the fence before, but now, I really am not liking what this looks like, I want nice ocean views, and I do not want to reduce more draw distance to pretend I have one. LL needs to rethink this, It not only ruins the stilt homes but the log cabin views.
  7. I am confused as to your reasoning here. Bloggers are not given free premium accounts, nor are they allowed to select a home of their choice. You are perfectly free to make as many accounts as you are willing to pay for, and take your chances like the rest of us. I fail to see how paying for premium for multiple homes is considered hoarding. I think the creation of the new LL homes, is one of the best things they have done, in a long time. I choose to support them, and encourage further development. This is a much more affordable option for me then owning a region, and still enjoy various loca
  8. It is shocking, that this needs to be addressed, and has not been taken care of.
  9. People love to find offense. There is nothing wrong or offensive about the name, it is a lovely region, beautifully landscaped.
  10. Plurk! That is my primary news source. Flickr, is secondary, usually linked from plurk. I have tried facebook, but it so much stuff, that it is difficult to sort through,
  11. I am going to be giving up a sandy, waterfront Victorian. it has river and oceanfront. Sadly the sand does not work for me. Bishopshead (173,250,23) I will be releasing at 7:10
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